Weekly Reads 26

Okay, so it’s more like monthly reads, amirite? I’ve been cranking out tax returns for nearly the last month. See where that gets me? Even though the deadline isn’t until Monday, I’ve been done for a couple days. The hard work paying off is super satisfying. We head to San Diego next week for a friend’s wedding, and just put the finishing touches on a weekend in Boston since I have to be there for a conference. There is a strong chance I’m binging on cannoli again. It’s hard not to. We’ve been cooking more dinners at home lately — easy random stuff like fish tacos, tuna melts with soup, and shrimp curry. I seem to be making it up with brunch. It’s usually the other way around. Grand Army Tavern has a really great, seemingly unknown by the lack of line, brunch. Ham and cheese crepes are really, really good. I fell in love with Sweedeedee all over again. I hadn’t been there in a really long time [read: lines] and had their new-to-me biscuit plate. Think deconstructed biscuit sandwich. I could live solely on that bee pollen biscuit and preserves. ¬†The jammy egg didn’t hurt either. Oh yeah, Virtuous Pie? Worth the hype if you’re at all into hip decor and vegan cheese on your pizza.

[Roma not digging this cool, wet weather or mornings in general]
Time to start stocking up clam juice.

As if I needed an excuse to visit Bologna, Eataly is opening a theme park.

Please stop asking me when I’m going to get married.” More of this please.

Cinnamon pita crisps sound dangerously delicious.

The new season of Parts Unknown started, which is one of my favorite¬†shows and routinely helps us pick our next travel destination. Here’s how Bourdain picks the destinations.

Speaking of travel—take me here pronto.

Instead of copying all these great reads, you should just go check them out here.

Better Than Bouillon is magical. I always have jars in my fridge.

Saying thank you instead of sorry. I’ve consciously been wiping “sorry” out of my vocabulary. It’s such an easy thing to fall back on.

A stunning little remodel that took a good base and made it that much better.

Australia has never been high on my travel list, but this boutique hotel is making a strong case. Beautiful.

The Asshole Survival Guide, which is basically what it sounds like: a guide for surviving the assholes in your life.”

Clicking buy is a whole lot easier if you know you’re not making a survival kit a priority.

$160 rainboots don’t exactly scream “practical,” but man I want them.

A really great “30 things I’ve learned” list. “Just because you’re not a natural at something immediately doesn’t mean you can’t get good at it.”

I always yawn when I workout, now I know why.

I love nearly everything about this house.

Since we’ve been all about fish tacos lately, I needed some new topping ideas.

Heroine.fm has some really great podcasts, but this one interviewing Margaret Stewart, VP of Design at Facebook, has particularly stuck with me.

Two words to stop using emails. I’m employing this regularly now, too.

I’m not-so-secretly an economics nerd. I’ve added Tim O’Reilly’s book to my list.

“How to Not Harass Woman as Told Through The Office Memes.” I’m don’t know that I’ve ever sat through an entire episode of The Office, but this was perfect.



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