Weekly Reads 25

I’ve been trying to read as much of Tim Ferriss’ Tools of the Titans before the library takes it away from me. It’s a good read, but I’ve been cranking out tax work thanks to the 9/15 deadlines, so I had a tendency to fall asleep not long after I started reading. I’ve also been squeezing in workouts, eating all the tacos and drinking all the mezcal at Little Conejo, scaring myself just watching the trailer for IT, watching all the new leaves sprout on my plant babies, supporting a friend’s jazz recital for their masters in jazz studies, eating a lot of Hatch chiles, and being simultaneously happy and sad that the rain is moving in [yay for helping tame the wildfires but boo for summer being over–I’m wearing jackets and started the crockpot].


Look at all these great rugs. Especially into the Umbria Grey and the Foxnsose.

I’m not usually into the Victorian look, but this modern Victorian has me changing my tune. Hello, exposed brick walls.

This beautiful loft is for sale. In Berlin. It’s only 3.6 million Euros. Only.

“Waking up 30 minutes early to drink tea on my porch with my dogs before the rest of the house gets up.” 10 refreshing definitions of wellness.

Olive tapenade is good and all, but this artichoke heart one sounds even better.

Little things that can have a big impact on your career. Sign me up.

I’m always in awe of meal planning, but I think I’m in love with the idea more than the execution.

Nine dates. Seven days. Whoa.

How about ten influential speakers for a little Monday motivation?

I am in love with all of these photos.

Portland finally has a city council seat open. Here’s a list of who is running so far.

A few tools to help stay accountable in that healthy lifestyle you’re trying to maintain.



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