Weekly Reads 24

I had a very brief trip to San Diego last weekend for Andrew’s mom’s birthday. It was a great time catching up with the fam, as usual. Highlights included an epic Spanish meal at Costa Brava, staying up way too late playing Cards Against Humanity, and a long ride on a borrowed Vespa throughout the city. Seeing cities by Vespa is a game changer. The one we borrowed was lovingly dubbed the Fast Couch since it was so dang comfortable to sit on. It made me a lazy passenger.


23 miso recipes since I keep forgetting about the container in the fridge.

I’m intrigued by these expensive trash cans. There is a really good argument to be had.

Getting all the meat sweats reading about Buenos Aires. It’s definitely on the travel list.

Whenever I see a slab pie, I think ‘giant pop tart.’

Grocery stores and coffee shops are starting to charge admission. Whoa.

The targeted ads are killing it lately. I’m almost ashamed to admit how much shopping I’ve done because of it. Case in point: Who Gives a Crap?

Every day, you list your micro wins.” Seeing proof of your own accomplishments.

Reigniting the crush on Lisbon, Portugal with this travel guide.

Growing succulents from succulents. Neat.

I want to roast a whole head of cauliflower.

Since we’re on a Portugal thing, here are five cities to visit in Portugal that aren’t Lisbon or Porto. I knew Portugal was going to blow up when we were there years ago. It was only a matter of time.

How Amazon’s growth is changing Seattle. It has 8.5 million square feet of space in the city.

I would love to incorporate some of these low-maintenance backyard ideas if the weather would just chill out a few degrees.

Bourdain has a new movie about food waste coming out soon.

Butter lettuce panna cotta. I would love to try this.

I don’t know that I want cold brew in my Negroni, but I’d try it.

Since I bought some fancy new bowls, I should probably put this white curry in them.

Yes, I’m one of those people who loosely follows Apple rumors. Apparently, there isn’t a home button anymore??

This TED talk on growing fresh air was inspiring. I have one of the plants!

A summer beauty reset. Grace has the right idea. At home pampering at its finest.



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