Weekly Reads 22

I had the pleasure of a five-course tasting menu at Le Pigeon last night, and everything was great about it. As expected, right? That place consistently sits in my heart of hearts as one of my most favorite restaurants. It’s a splurge in every sense of the word since it’s so rich and indulgent, but that’s what treats are for. Highlights were a steak and octopus tartare and grilled pigeon and beef tongue with a huckleberry borscht. My mouth is watering as I write that.

We saw John Mayer last night. The new album is great, and the whole concept of the show was a really fun listening experience. He brought back the whole band, the trio, and a few acoustic sets. Seeing him doesn’t get old.

Otherwise, it’s been business as usual lately and I’m a-ok with it. Lots of scooter rides, lots of Mexican food, walking the dog in the sunshine, and catching up with friends. Does it get much better?

I’ve succumbed to Facebook’s marketing pretty hard lately. Packages from Brandless, Hickies, and Harper Wilde showed up this week.

I also picked up some new sneakers at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I go through phases of buying and not buying, what can I say?

“Straight up: every single asshole fear you’ve got going on in your head comes from not knowing.”

This bathroom remodel is simple and lovely. So is this kitchen!

There are so many interesting Italian coffee rituals and rules.

I think I’m in love with the idea of meal prep, but not interested in executing. These lunch ideas sound good though.

So excited for season two of Stranger Things. I don’t often watch TV, but when I do it’s for shows like this.

A shopping experiment at Target. I avoid that place for this very thing.

I didn’t realize that Rent the Runway had an unlimited subscription and this woman’s experience sounds intriguing. Shopping is not my favorite thing.

The idea that a Caprese salad doesn’t need tomatoes is a refreshing alternative. Sometimes it’s really hard to find good tasting tomatoes.

These bricks, bookshelves, and gallery wall are lovely.

Andrew goes down YouTube rabbit holes pretty regularly, but now I watch all of the Casey Neistat vlogs with him. These 10 things to learn from him are spot on.

This mini Porto travel guide has me missing Portugal like whoa.

Image: Pistils Nursery





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