Weekly Reads 18

The sun is starting to make an appearance and it’s really making me happy. The office remodel resulted in my work space having a giant window on my back. Between that and the occasional dog walk, it’s been a great realization just how much I enjoy that ball of fire in the sky. I haven’t worn my favorite wool coat in at least a week!

It was Spring Scoot this weekend, so my time riding cupcake [that’s a thing] has increased a whole lot. My legs are not pleased. They were already angry from the Barre3 class I tried on Wednesday. My legs still hurt. A lot. Like a lot a lot. I know I haven’t been hitting the gym or working out with the intensity I used to, but dang. Consider me humbled.


I splurged on these linen sheets. They’re so comfortable and temperature regulating. Why did I wait?

Of course I’d eat pretzels wrapped around breakfast sausage. Of course.

Now this all-IKEA cheese plate seems like a fun reason to get some friends together.

I’m glad to see that the fact that I still write notes instead of type them makes the most sense.

This Yucatán Mexico travel guide is creating a travel itch that needs to be scratched.

Ambivert? That’s probably a really close representation of me, myself, and I.

This story about her grandma and New Orleans has me missing mine. Grandma’s can be so cool.

Putting greenery in my mac-n-cheese is a sure fire way to ensure I’m going to eat all of it. Cue the springiness of spring dishes.

This space is everything I want. I’m now lusting after the shelving system for the living room.


I could eat this breakfast bowl every day.

Because we could all use a little more self-care, couldn’t we?

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