Weekly Reads 15

It has been a hell of a couple weeks. I fit in a lot of cool stuff in between all of those tax hours. We went to see Pinback at Doug Fir. I had the opportunity to eat at Beast. It was so good to check off a food bucket list item. It’s a Portland institution for good reason. It was a great meal. Highlights were the celery root veloute, capellacci pasta with arugula pesto and hedgehog mushrooms, and the cheese course with Testun al Barolo cheese. So good. The Timbers are in preseason so we had three games to watch. It’s nice to be back, and the team is looking very promising this year. It’s been cool, but dry. I’ll take it. The sun came out a few times. I had forgotten what Vitamin D feels like. We spent a lot of time on the Vespa, which is getting more fun the better the weather is. Novel concept, I know. We checked out a new-to-us coffee shop, Locale. It’s very European in that whole coffee in the day, bar at night. We checked out Figlia, a killer new Italian counter-service cafe. The decor is beautiful as the food is incredible. It’s the little sister restaurant to Renata, also on my restaurant wish list. I’m a sucker for an egg salad sandwich, and theirs is SO GOOD. It’s not mayo-y, has crispy pig skin and bagna cauda, and the goldilocks of crisp yet soft bread. If they were downtown, I’d be there everyday.


This home tour is lovely. I find myself drawn to the wallpaper accent walls and crisp, clean lines.

Sarah, owner of Cyril’s and fearless cheese club leader, wrote this wonderful essay on staffing and the work relationship.

I’m a fan of farmhouse sinks, but I’m afraid it’d overwhelm my tiny kitchen.

This clean, simple living room. Swoon.

Matcha tiramisu. Adrienna never ceases to amaze me.

Look this ramen! Looks simply delicious.

So many good things going on with this cake. Cardamom. Plum. Coffee buttercream. Sign me up.

The contrast of black and white in this kitchen is dramatic but not at all overwhelming. It makes my kitchen feel a little bit bigger too.

“Out of his 17 cabinet members only 4 are women.” An essay on why it’s not ok for men to lead an initiative on women in the workforce.

Heard about this company on Of A Kind’s podcast. Debating on picking up a tee or two. Might as well get some of those sweet socks.

Screw Valentine’s Day, I want these scallops every day.


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