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It’s been a hell of a couple weeks. We survived 12-14″ of snow. We marched. And with the start of tax season tomorrow, I wanted to squeeze the last little bit of freedom and fun that I could. The latest cheese club at Cyril’s had me leaving with my own wedge of Tomme Chevre Brebis. This one is a goat and sheep milk blend, so it’s a mixture of smooth [sheep] and tangy [goat]. We saw Louis CK, and I laughed so much it hurt. Andrew’s soccer team had their belated holiday party [at Ex Novo this year] and it was just as fun as always. I went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone concert series with my sister where the movie is played on the big screen with the symphony playing along the entire time. It exceeded my expectations and I already expected it to be awesome. If you at all appreciate Harry Potter and/or the symphony, it’s a great way to see the movie. I went to my first Yoga + Beer class. It’s a fun concept to practice yoga within the brewery space to experience something little more chaotic and akin to real life and get a beer afterward. John K. Samson [of the band The Weakerthans] came to town to play a lot of songs from his new album. I’ve seen him a handful of times either solo or with the band, and I’m never disappointed.

Friday night I spent the evening with my friend Emma to finally [FINALLY] check out Dame, a new-to-me restaurant in the hood. The hype surrounding the restaurant is real. The wine list is killer, the staff is knowledgeable, and we ate some great plates—beef tartare [see photo!], cabbage rolls with short ribs, and salt cod dumplings. Finishing off the night with huge hunks of chocolate was simple and perfect. Yesterday Andrew and I took off for Astoria to spend the day. There were promises of sunshine, but it didn’t quite materialize, but that seems par for the course this time of the year. The tide was super high, so Roma did not get to drink the ocean or run on the beach. We wandered the town, hitting up fish and chips and Bow Picker, some chocolate custard and Custard King, and a stellar dinner at Albatross & Co. They are going on vacation for the next two weeks, so all oysters were $1. A dozen oysters, a dungeonous crab deviled egg, escarole caesar, and roasted sturgeon dish later, we left for home happy. Today? A trip up to Amboy to eat burgers at Nick’s Bar & Grill and visit the Cedar Creek Grist Mill. It’s a working water powered water mill and the oldest wood structure in Washington. It’s been around since before the state became a state. There was an older man giving us the tour and the history before milling some flour and letting us take some home. I’ve already made cornbread muffins and they are good. The soft white flour is making its way into pancakes tonight. See? Busy and wonderful and I love every minute of it.

I know tax season’s 60 hour work weeks don’t leave as much time for fun, but I’m determined to keep it light and balanced as much as possible. Here’s what I’ve read lately…

Since Tracy has been making all the hippy banana bread lately, I’ve been craving it. I was too impatient to wait for bananas to ripen, so Andrew bought a loaf from New Seasons. Acceptable substitute, but I still want to make hers.

A good read. When you grow up in a town where you don’t quite identify with everyone or you think you know, but you don’t.

I want our offices to look like this.

Ways to cope when meditation isn’t your thing.

Definitely craving butter beans now.

These Japan photos are beautiful. So, so beautiful.

I keep seeing oven fried wings. I keep wanting to eat oven fried wings.

No matter how privileged I am, we are still not equal. Not even close. This essay says it so well.

Words to ban from your vocabulary. I’m working on saying “you’re welcome” to a thank you instead of “of course,” “not a problem,” or “no worries.” I’m getting better at eliminating “just,” “like,” and “really” from my writing [speaking is harder!]. I’ve all but gotten rid of “sorry” when I’m not really sorry. Practice makes perfect.

I am still craving a makeover to my bedroom, and I’m inspired all the time but can’t pull the trigger.

These wallpapers are making the rounds on all my computers to get some sunshine and warmth when it’s not at all outside.

I bought a new pot when my dutch oven finally died, so I’m thinking about the first thing I’ll cook in it, like this pozole.

Since there is so much crazy going on in the news it’s easy to miss other things like these food initiatives to keep an eye on.

So envious of this kitchen refresh!


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