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Weekly Reads 11

I spent the weekend in Vancouver BC. It was a quick getaway with some friends for the sole purpose of a hockey game. I’m not a crazy hockey fan [second game I’ve ever seen live], but I am a Vancouver fan. Places I went this time: Tacofino, Birds & the Beets, Brassneck Brewery, Congee Noodle House, and a whole lot of walking/shopping. The weather was freezing, literally, and the snow crept in this morning so we had to get out early. Vancouver trips are becoming a yearly thing, and I’m not bummed about it. It’s such a great city.

I’m a sucker for Swedish design. This home is the perfect balance of cozy and clean. That kitchen!

Gingerbread for a pie crust? Yes, please.

Taking off her engagement ring helped her job hunt. Sigh.

The science of asparagus pee. I had to know.

Seven things introverts understand. Check. Check. Check.

Have you heard of the Christmas Price Index (CPI)? PNC Financial Services Group analyzes the items in the 12 days of Christmas for price changes. Can you say accounting nerd? That’s me.

Miso brownies! A new use for that tub of miso sitting in my fridge. Savory desserts ftw.

This bathroom is gorgeous, but I’d need that natural light before I’d consider those black tiles in my own house.

So many books to add to Goodreads from NPR’s staff picks. I only read a couple of these this year.

Weekly Reads 10

Helping a friend move in a day is not only rewarding but eye opening. I am not the spring chicken I once was. Getting up tomorrow should be fun.

Andrew and I went back to Ava Gene’s this last week for dinner. It’s absolutely still one of my favorite restaurants. I couldn’t pick a favorite dish. Thankfully I didn’t have to. The burrata with dates, squash, and walnuts or the saffron linguine with black cod and mussels rank right up there.

A fried egg on lentils hardly qualifies a recipe, but it’s really pretty and a great breakfast.

Do you listen to Spotify on a mobile device? The new [as of September, but I’m always  late to the partyDaily Mix playlists are so, so good.

I finished reading Grape, Olive Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain’s Food Culture and damn it if I don’t want to go back ASAP.

Look at this dog toy! I don’t know who would love it more, Roma or me.

Now this is a gingerbread house.

A new study that says a brighter outlook could lead to a longer life? Sign me up.

OKREAL is a curation of wisdom shared by aspirational women. I’ve been doing a deep dive in the archives.

Now this is a gift guide I can get behind. All kinds of sassy, swearing, and snark.

I finally got into essential oils in a diffuser this time last year, and I’m still very much in love. This a great little primer on the essentials.

An interesting way to keep track of the countries you’ve traveled to.

Seven books for the career girl. I eat this stuff up.

Weekly Reads 09

I love this time of year because of all of the events–New Deal Distillery tastings, PDX Urban Wineries Winter Wine Soiree, Give Good Gift pop-up shops–among other things. I’m trying to savor every last little bit of 2016 since January will be here so fast [cue: where-did-time-go-feelings].


Tracy’s lists always inspire my lists. She’s always finding good stuff.

Another seasonal cheese board. Swoon.

German cities are solving the public toilet problem. What an idea.

Women and their lack of confidence. I can relate 100%. Self sabotage is running rampant.

Behind the scenes of Oaxacan cuisine. The cart in our neighborhood, Tehuana Oaxacan Cuisine, is proof positive of this unbelievably delicious cuisine.

I’ve been eating all the chickpeas lately. I’d like to add these curried chickpeas to the list.

Gingerbread. Walnut. Butter. Want.

Thailand with a 1.5-year-old. Inspiring. What a lucky kid.

Also: Thailand in mourning. Can you tell I’m missing Thailand yet?

I’m pretty sure the amount of time I’ve read productivity tips, I could just BE more productive.

Savory french toast is a weakness. Hello, cornbread.

Bloody mary popcorn sounds like my kind of flavor combo.

Not that I’m going to Australia anytime soon, but this hotel is awesome.

You had me at espresso cream custard. I want nothing more.

Weekly Reads 08

When you have a bunch of leftover arugula, fry some potatoes, toss everything in olive oil and parmesan cheese and top it with a couple fried eggs. Hello, breakfast.


Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

I’ve started following a few of these Food52 Spotify Thanksgiving playlists. The Thanksgiving Meal playlist is my current fav.

It has felt like November for reals lately. Give me a big bowl of this chickpea curry.

Salvador Dali had a cookbook. I’d totally frame a few of these.

There is a new bagel shop in town. Pretzel-style bagels? Yes, please.

I want so many things in this bedroom.

A really, really long but fascinating read about how your brain decides without you. 

Apparently, women are asking for raises, they just aren’t getting them. Fascinating? Depressing? Both?

More proof that I want white (or white-ish) counter tops.

More coziness—hot blender chocolate.

Baller enamel magnet? Yes please.

I can take or leave chocolate cake most of the time, but if it has cranberry buttercream in it? I’m in.

My new desktop background.

If you’re in Portland, holiday shopping starts with Little Boxes.

I’m fortunate enough to have a standing desk these days, but these stretches for desk dwellers are always good to have in the arsenal.

A book of photos on rescued pets! Cue the feels and/or tears.

A phone call with a health insurance broker was super depressing this week. This story speaks one of the big problems.

Weekly Reads 07

It has been a s-l-o-w week. Two different Comcast techs spent a whole lot of time at the house, a good seven hours, but the internet is the most stable it has ever been. The speed increase doesn’t hurt. My CPA certificate finally came in the mail. I’ve been certified since July for those keeping track at home. Four months later, here we are. I’ve never been so happy to see a piece of paper. We went out to Swift & Union to for burgers because nothing says I’m official quite like grilled beef with cheese on it.


[Some chicken enchiladas with a spicy potato sauce from Tehuana]

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

Advice from Anthony Bourdain! “If you’re putting mesclun or baby arugula on your burger… Guantánamo Bay would not be an unreasonable punishment.”

Korean. BBQ. Nachos.

This is me. The scientific reasons why email makes you feel so anxious.

Even though we’re not supposed to be multi-tasking, here are three tips from a neuroscientist.

So much cozy food lately from the queen of cozy herself: cornbread chicken + dumplings.

One of my favorite foods [spoiler: corndogs] in a bowl!

I crave the radicchio salad from Tasty & Alder/Pollo Bravo regularly, I’m sure this radicchio salad would substitute just fine.

These living room options are all kinds of swoon-y. Rustic and modern with all of those clean lines. Yes, please.

Mila Kunis has always been a badass, but this opinion piece she wrote on gender bias, standing up for yourself, and sticking to your principles is exceptionally rad.

A picnic with a dog wearing doggles. Everything about this is awesome.