2016 Recap

2016 Recap

What a year. Christmas came and went like that. 2017 is barreling toward us with a quickness. How to summarize this year? My CPA license was gotten. Germany was traveled. We spent more time entertaining guests in Portland than we did traveling. Many, many restaurants were […]

2015 Recap

Goodbye 2015. It was nice knowing you. 2015 was another great year full of all kinds of food, but a little less travel and blogging. Tax busy season(s!) coupled with CPA exam studying and a lot of weddings will do that to you. We travelled […]

2014 Recap

Happy New Year! A recap is just as relevant on the first day of the year instead of the last day of last year, right? What is there to say about this year other than it was great? I love being able to document and share […]

2013 Recap

Oh, hey 2014. How’d you sneak in here like that? I feel like this year went by even faster than usual, and I have even less to show for it. I always equate my life to food and travel [and more food], and it just […]

2012 Recap

Another year, a lot of amazing food. There are definitely no complaints from this stomach. This stomach was able to travel to San Diego, Los Angeles, Cabo, Italy, and Vancouver BC, too, making it even better. It’s been almost two years of blogging now, and not to […]