Weekly Reads 27

It’s officially fire-on-where-is-my-winter-coat season. It’s not that bad, but I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold. If I wouldn’t be made fun of, I would have started wearing my winter coat on a couple weeks ago. Gloves have come out. Scarves have come out. I wore a beanie all day today and never took my down jacket off. It’s like that around here.

San Diego was lovely, as usual, and our friends’ wedding was beautiful. The Timbers are in the playoffs and their chances were decent until the slew of injuries in the most recent game. Tomorrow’s game should be questionable. Work has slowed down immensely after the latest deadline, so I’m playing all kinds of catch-up on the “normal” things. I’m headed to Boston soon for a conference. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m excited for it. Getting nerdy with taxes, that’s my jam. Speaking of my jam, Stranger Things. Ooooh boy, it’s a good season. I’ve managed to avoid binging, so I’m only six episodes in. Six glorious episodes.


As if I needed a reason to drink tea, there is geeky tea.

Someday I’d like to drive the Cascade Loop too. Look how beautiful it is!

Hilariously bad photos from real estate listings.

Ham and cheese? Meet biscuits. Biscuits? Meet ham and cheese.

There is a new Myers-Briggs test, and I’m not sure why I haven’t taken it yet. I love these things.

Because you can always use more internal controls in business finances.

Science says your vacations should last eight days. Pretty sure that’s not going to stop me from taking multiple week ones. Diminishing returns be damned!

Steak and mushrooms. Don’t mind if I do. Such a classic combination.

Grey and Swedish. Swoon.

Since I’m headed to Boston soon — 10 fun things to do.

Since certain people in my life hate sweet potatoes, I’m thinking of testing out butternut squash for the holidays.

We all know I’m never making marzipan challah hedgehogs, but LOOK at them!

I equal parts love that the brand here is I Dew Care and the product is Blackhead Killer. I want to try them!

We’re still going out of our way to go to Trader Joe’s weekly, so I’m always into these lists of things to buy from there.

Speaking of, I bought this moisturizing cream and I really like it.

I feel like these pork chops are in my future. Roasted roots! Same with this cauliflower stir-fry!

They call these time management tricks, but I’d really just call them skills. And good ones too!



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