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There’s a new bar in the neighborhood[ish] called Tough Luck, which I’m happy to have. The menu is heavy on the Korean influence, which we don’t have in the nearby, and good cocktails. Since it’s owned by the same people as Old Gold, they have a pretty killer whiskey list, too. It’s still a weakness. So far I’ve only eaten their Chinese corndog and the kimchi with collard greens. I’m such a sucker for a corndog. It was originally just going to be a late-night menu item, but the odds of me being in there after 11pm is getting less and less a likelihood so seeing it on the normal menu made me all kinds of happy.

We had tickets to the Portland Beer and Cheese Fest yesterday and I was most excited for it. There were 10 pairings to try with a Cascadia theme, so it’s all relatively local stuff. That makes it so much easier to get my hands on the cheese that I fell in love with. Did I mention Cyril’s closed down while I was on vacation? It was heart-breaking. So for the time being cheese club is gone. For now. There is talk of it coming back [cheese club, not Cyril’s], but until then I need to get my cheese fix any way I can. 10 pairings turned out to be a lot when you’re getting basically 4-6oz pours of beer at varying percentages of alcohol. By the end of it, I’m pretty sure my taste buds were shot. The poor cheese never had a chance. George’s Little Antelope, Face Rock Creamery’s aged white cheddar, and Cascadia Creamery’s Sawtooth were some of the standouts. Who am I kidding, I loved all of it.

Image: Dina Avila

A story about Gabriel Rucker, one of my favorite chefs.

The dangers of eating fast. Aka, the story of my life. I’ve been really trying to make a point of chewing more. Counting them out in my head has made me way more mindful of how much I mindlessly shovel food into my mouth.

A friend borrowed my paella pan for a Spanish-themed party. Now I’m craving more paella. And sangria.

Look at this beautiful rental in Mexico. I want to go. Andrew reminded me of the mosquitos. I still want to go.

Houseplant inspiration. I’m pretty much obsessed.

Some beer and cheese pairing tips. Simplicity at its finest.

Boyz II Men singing about medicine side-effects. Hilarious.

Debating between making this broken, green lasagna or this skillet steak with peas and asparagus tonight. I’m sensing a green theme.

There is a subculture of competitive punning. Did I miss my calling??

Since the last trip was so relaxing, we’re thinking we need more chaos in our next trip. This recap of Tokyo has me considering Japan. Again.

Falafel waffles!! Why did I get rid of our waffle maker again?

We’re headed to Philly soon as a detour for a wedding. I’m doing my pizza research.

The drinks that are essential to breaking the fast of Ramadan.





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