Weekly Reads 17

I burned myself out working three 14-hour days in a row for no reason. Well, no reason other than I had the time and was on a roll. Take it from me–if you don’t have to, don’t. Even if you have to, try not to. That much brain power and screen time aren’t good for your well-being. I made some post-work plans this week just to ensure I’ll disconnect at a reasonable hour. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The weekend was a great reprieve. Nearly no work. I hardly checked email. The sun was out all day. I walked over 8 miles in the sunshine. I have to store up that vitamin D when I can. The Timbers had another great, fun-to-watch game. I ate a Figlia egg salad sandwich [my favorite!] and tried their housemade hazelnut milk in a latte. Game changer. Cheese club was an introduction to Puits d’Astier. It was recently a centerfold cheese in Culture magazine. Check it out. It’s like brie, but better. The one we had was shipped via boat across the ocean and then traveled by truck from NYC to PDX. By the time we got it, it had an epic amount of furry mold. Apparently, it’s common but depends on the moisture content in the air, what other bacteria are around, and what the sheep were eating at the time. It’s fascinating. And delicious. Just don’t smell the rind. Trust me.

Andrew’s friend Joshua is an amazing artist. I’m in love with more than a couple pieces.

I’ve tried the whole make-your-own-almond-milk thing, but all the waste leaves me feeling meh. This method seems like a great alternative. If you’ve tried it, I want to know!

I might have been researching shampoo the other night, and Andrew might have made fun of me for it.

The Financial Diet website is a new find. A few of the books on this list are now on my to-read list in the abundance of free time I don’t have.

Cherry upside down cake. I haven’t wanted to bake something so badly in a long time.

I was a little skeptical of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavors, but after nearly finishing the pint of Chunky Monkey, I’m sold.

I haven’t been making time for the gym lately, and I’m finally starting to crave it. And since cardio sucks, this workout seems like a worthwhile alternative.

Since I’ve been carrying my work laptop back and forth from the office, and traditional Portland rain is in full effect, I’ve been scoping out water-resistant backpacks. This one is on the short list. Too bad I don’t think it’d fit my laptop.

Ham. And. Cheese. Slab. Pie.

An old school turned Dutch home. Swoon.

(Not) Juggling it All. YES.

A great list of women-run podcasts. Currently following: One Part Plant and Heroine.


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