Weekly Reads 16

I’m here. I’m working. I’m eating. I’m doing nearly everything I love except cooking. That’s been falling to the wayside. It’s short lived. Tax season is flying by. It’s already almost 3/15. That’s equal parts exciting and terrifying. We started Wellness Wednesdays at the office, and I had my first guided meditation last week. The 25 minutes definitely did not feel like it. I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly. The key is practice, and I’ve done it exactly zero times since. I’m craving our annual trip

I’m craving our annual trip and some sunshine. We’re getting really close to nailing it down. I’d say with a fair amount of confidence it will involve a flight into Bilbao and a flight out of Milan, but you never know. Plenty of time to change our minds. Again.

Last weekend was all the sports. Timbers season opener and some seats at a Trailblazers game. We went to a vermouth night at Locale. I tried two new-to-me spots: Spitz and Bless Your Heart Burgers. Both were really good. We found out La Cocina’s ceviche is a force to be reckoned with. Their tuna might be slightly better than their shrimp, but only slightly. It’s severed in a giant frozen molcajete. Jacqueline’s brunch is so good. When Emma and I went, they had already run out of a few things, and I didn’t even care. We watched Hell or High Water last night. It’s a good one.

As you can imagine, there’s been a lot of reading on the internets. That’s about all the attention span I had. I checked out an Italian cookbook a few weeks back and never managed to open it before it had to go back to the library. Whoops.


I’ve got a couple of Glossier’s new Cloud Paints coming in the mail. I haven’t bought new makeup in forever.

Look at this rye and sweet potato gnocchi. I love everything about this.

Women of NASA being immortalized by legos. Does it get much better?

This kitchen reveal makes me feel all kinds of swoony.

Oh god. Marshmallow-y brownies. Marshmallows are a weakness!

This chicken curry pot pie sounds stellar. That crust is beautiful!

How to make every week a 40-hour week. Some great tips to use after April.

We have a non-stop supply of Cheez-its in the office right now, so these turmeric-spiced ones are speaking to me.

Reading about the new Legend of Zelda game made me feel nostalgic and old simultaneously.

How to Tokyo. What a great starter guide.

These raclette sticks sound like my kind of indulgence!

I need to start practicing herb prep. This seems way too easy not to.

Roasted radicchio and cheese. It reminds me of Tasty N Alder Their radicchio salad is one of my favorites.

This house speaks to me. I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t want.

Rye brownies. Between that and the bay leaves, the savory notes have me intrigued.


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