Weekly Reads 12

If I were the kind of person to set an intention or resolution for 2017, I think “eat well, travel often” sums it up quite nicely.

The last couple of weeks have been about self-care—massage, facial, sleep. It’s been heavenly. We were able to catch the last Friday of the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, and our friends invited us out to a Blazers vs Lakers game in the middle of the week. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to ignore the below freezing temperatures outside with multiple layers, hot lemon and ginger water, and cleaning out closets. I decided this would be the year I would wear beanies/knit hats. Currently, I’m wearing one in the house out of necessity because it’s cold and once I start wearing it, I get hat hair immediately. No one needs to see that. Not even Roma.


I’ve been swooning hard over Cat’s watercolor prints and paintings.

Between this guide to meditation and reading 10% Happier, I’d say I’m interested in this whole stress reduction thing.

Brussels. Apple. Cheddar. Rye. I’m sold.

Adrienne came to Portland, had Ebelskivers at Broder Nord, and then made cornbread ones. I love her.

Of a Kinds’s podcast has been one of the newer ones in my feed. Their #ReadingThings book club is on point.

These pimento cheese potato bites need to get in my mouth. Had I gone to a NYE party, I would have brought them.

I read The Moon Juice Cookbook and it inspired me to make my own almond milk. I just need to figure what I want to do with the pulp.

I find myself checking out Japanese travel blogs all the time now.

If you’re into the restaurant scene at all, I’m sure you’ve read this article about the restaurant industry bubble. If you haven’t, you must.

There is a lot of great things to take from this list of ways to be your best self this year.

This 31-day career detox is probably the only detox I could ever handle.



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