Weekly Reads 11

I spent the weekend in Vancouver BC. It was a quick getaway with some friends for the sole purpose of a hockey game. I’m not a crazy hockey fan [second game I’ve ever seen live], but I am a Vancouver fan. Places I went this time: Tacofino, Birds & the Beets, Brassneck Brewery, Congee Noodle House, and a whole lot of walking/shopping. The weather was freezing, literally, and the snow crept in this morning so we had to get out early. Vancouver trips are becoming a yearly thing, and I’m not bummed about it. It’s such a great city.

I’m a sucker for Swedish design. This home is the perfect balance of cozy and clean. That kitchen!

Gingerbread for a pie crust? Yes, please.

Taking off her engagement ring helped her job hunt. Sigh.

The science of asparagus pee. I had to know.

Seven things introverts understand. Check. Check. Check.

Have you heard of the Christmas Price Index (CPI)? PNC Financial Services Group analyzes the items in the 12 days of Christmas for price changes. Can you say accounting nerd? That’s me.

Miso brownies! A new use for that tub of miso sitting in my fridge. Savory desserts ftw.

This bathroom is gorgeous, but I’d need that natural light before I’d consider those black tiles in my own house.

So many books to add to Goodreads from NPR’s staff picks. I only read a couple of these this year.


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