Weekly Reads 10

Helping a friend move in a day is not only rewarding but eye opening. I am not the spring chicken I once was. Getting up tomorrow should be fun.

Andrew and I went back to Ava Gene’s this last week for dinner. It’s absolutely still one of my favorite restaurants. I couldn’t pick a favorite dish. Thankfully I didn’t have to. The burrata with dates, squash, and walnuts or the saffron linguine with black cod and mussels rank right up there.

A fried egg on lentils hardly qualifies a recipe, but it’s really pretty and a great breakfast.

Do you listen to Spotify on a mobile device? The new [as of September, but I’m always  late to the partyDaily Mix playlists are so, so good.

I finished reading Grape, Olive Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain’s Food Culture and damn it if I don’t want to go back ASAP.

Look at this dog toy! I don’t know who would love it more, Roma or me.

Now this is a gingerbread house.

A new study that says a brighter outlook could lead to a longer life? Sign me up.

OKREAL is a curation of wisdom shared by aspirational women. I’ve been doing a deep dive in the archives.

Now this is a gift guide I can get behind. All kinds of sassy, swearing, and snark.

I finally got into essential oils in a diffuser this time last year, and I’m still very much in love. This a great little primer on the essentials.

An interesting way to keep track of the countries you’ve traveled to.

Seven books for the career girl. I eat this stuff up.

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