Pretzel Tots

I clearly have been eating a lot of carbs lately.

They’re my favorite food group next to vegetables [I’m not joking]. I used to buy loaves of fresh French bread, bring it home, and eat it in a sitting. I guess that’s kind of like how I’m taking single slices of Dave’s Killer Sprouted Good Seed Bread to work to eat a snack. Plain. Untoasted. I definitely got the, “What ARE you eating?” at one point this week. You’d think after nearly nine years, they’d be used to my quirks by now.

Pretzel anything is also kind of a weakness. If it’s got a pretzel bun, I’m probably ordering it. I’ve had more than my fair share of crappy concession ones. I don’t want that weird sludgy cheese sauce either. Ew.

I’ve had these carb delights bookmarked ever since Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen posted them. It marries together two of my favorite things—pretzels and tots. They both sustain my love for mustard, too. They’re both vehicles for each other. Following the recipe to a tee, you think you’re making a lot, but you’re wrong. They disappear really, really quickly.  Too fast really. You’ll eat what you’re given, and then wish for more. Dipping them in mustard really isn’t optional.

Since I followed the recipe exactly, you should really just pop over here.

9 thoughts on “Pretzel Tots”

  • Not to sound creepy, but I totally knew you ate Dave’s killer bread — I recognized it in a post earlier this week by all the delicious seedy-nuttiness of the bread. It is SO good, isn’t it? I definitely eat it raw, along with great harvest bread (so good). Carbs are awesome. And pretzels… ahh the king of all the carbs. Especially with mustard.

  • You have no idea how badly I want these. Tots. Pretzel. Excuse for mustard. Don’t care that I just ate lunch, I’m now instantly hungry again.

    (And yeah, I may try using IG again on weekends–I miss it!–but I’m also loving spending a little less time hooked to my phone. Errgh, that whole “balance” thing, why is it so hard??)

  • Hooray for carbs! There should definitely be more soft pretzels in everyone’s life.

    I used to get super weird looks when bringing lunch to work too–especially a bright pink beet risotto that had the entire office fascinated yet horrified. But even when I got ordinary deli salad bar concoctions (in NYC) I’d get comments. Mostly things like “oh, you’re eating So Healthy…” complete with unspoken body image & self-judgement issues. Pretty disturbing.

    • I get that all the time since I go to the gym 4-5x a week so I can eat whatever the hell I want. I like eating!

      And now I want beet risotto.

      PS – These pretzels totally fall under what John was asking about what I really want to try (like you with the Indian). Pretzels. Check.

  • I would die if I went on Atkins since carbs are the majority my diet. There used to be a German bakery in Seattle that made amazing pretzels–chewy, a hint of sweetness, with pops of salt and that slightly bitter almost nutty crust. If I don’t kill the yeast this could satisfy my pretzel craving cuz I’ve yet to find a good pretzel in PDX. Thanks.

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